Next Step For Future:

Regenerative Cotton

Regenerative Cotton Project

Regenerative agriculture is now the top of denim production. Part of the sustainability cycle. An understanding that attaches importance to continuous transformation and soil. Just as we need it.

Close supply is the most important thing fort he sector in future.

Regenerative materials are particular as a key part of climate strategies. Regenerative agricultural methods build soil health, allowing it to sequester carbon from the atmosphere while also generating other ecological benefits such as increased water retention and soil biodiversity.

Maritaş Denim adapts regenerative agriculture practices and project this in our own lands. We recently joined and signed on a project with Harran University, Gaziantep University and registered farmers.

The project will be held in Harran Plain which is in the heart of South Eastern Turkiye and one of the most important agricultural areas. We expect to receive cotton in 2023 and generate products accordingly. We plan to have a detailed research and report at the same time.

The report will research and report on challenges, benefits and understand, develop best practices on regenerative cotton. It is also very important project to compare conventional cotton and regenerative cotton. We consider this project as a guide to sustainable and regenerative future of our industry.