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Our efforts; to transfer the beauties of our planet to future generations, to achieve better social conditions, and to create circular economic systems. We have a strong team of environmental experts who work meticulously in our water treatment and energy recovery units, aiming to minimize water and energy consumption.


Our factory acts with the motto of 'production with renewable energy'.

We have a SPP investment, which plan to meets 32% of the electricity consumed in 2023.

  • Total amount of panels: 7.297 pieces
  • Annual total electricitiy generation: 5,020,700 kWh
  • Annual avoided greenhouse gas emissios: 2,505,329 kg CO2


We have a forecast to meet 3.5% of the water we use in production from rain water.

Rain water falling on our 27,862 m² roof area has started to be collected with the rain harvesting project in 2023. In addition;


  • Factory water consumption: 482.173 m3
  • Cooling water recovery: 30.750 m3


  • Factory water consumption: 510.000 m3
  • Cooling water recovery: 42.532 m3


We are registered in the I-REC system, so we can sell the energy we produce.

Businesses that are sensitive about sustainability receive this internationally valid certificate by paying a fee in order to reduce or eliminate the carbon emissions caused by the energy they use while producing goods or services and to achieve their sustainability goals.


  • Purchased electricity: 7.768.602 kWh
  • Purchased I-REC: 1.165.290 kWh


  • Purchased electricity: 11.057.705 kWh
  • Purchased I-REC: 1.658.656 kWh


LCA of fabrics is crucial for understanding and mitigating their environmental impacts.

We analyzed 11 parameter values, mainly global warming potential, ozone depletion, human toxicity, eutrophication by analyzing the life cycle assessment of our fabrics, for 1 m² of fabric.

Our product life cycle analysis study is in our sustainability journey;  it guides R&D and supply chain studies to reduce the global warming potential.


We have placed cyclicality at the center of our business by following not only micro trends but also macro changes on our planet.

We respect the environment and people, and take conscious steps to protect nature and adhere to ethical values. We are aware of the importance of accurate information and transparency.

For this reason, we cooperate with 3rd party stakeholders. Now our production has certificates that we see as the compass of progress on the ethical path.